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free consultation

What's a consultation?

A consultation is an informal chat focused on your writing project's needs and objectives. Discussing your project with a professional editor might help you if you:

  • have a project in mind but have no clear idea of how to go about putting it into practice (initial-stage projects);

  • have a rough draft and are unsure of what the next steps should be (work-in-progress project);

  • have a final draft and are unsure of which of our services your project would benefit from the most (end-stage projects).

What will we talk about?

Depending on the stage your project is in, our discussion could be more or less specific. For instance, it makes no sense to be talking about copy-editing if you are in the initial writing stage, but we might talk about what you want to achieve with your piece or what you would like your publishing schedule to be, thus going about setting up a plan for your writing, editing and publishing phases. On the other hand, if all writing is done and your publishing objectives are already clear, we will want to delve into what type of editing your text needs and what it involves.

Do I have to book one of your services afterwards?

You are not forced to book any of our services after your free consultation if you do not want to. We might recommend some, but you are free to choose not to enlist our editorial services. This is a free-of-charge, no-strings-attached consultation aimed at helping you get a clearer idea of your project's needs and objectives.

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