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You have finished writing your text, and you deserve for it to make the best impression on its intended audience.

Sit back and relax while we prepare it for the spotlight for you.

Not sure where to start?

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core editing phases

The perfecting of a text may go through various editing stages, with some drafts requiring more or less work than others. Find out what the main editing types are below. 

Line Editing

The flow of the text is improved by focusing on logic and paragraph structure.


The text is checked for errors and inconsistencies in grammar, syntax and terminology.


Final revision of a manuscript prior to submission to a publisher or self-publishing.

Included in all services. Our Proofreading Literary Service, which is dedicated to this type of revision, can be requested only after the manuscript has undergone developmental, line and copy-editing (whether with us of another editor).

service categories

To each their own: browse our preset services by category or get in touch to let us know how else we can help.


academic services

Standard, Express, Premium & Students Editing

Academic papers, abstracts,

research proposals:

whatever you have produced, let your writing shine with a professional polish!

  • Range of services dedicated to articles, reviews, essays, proceedings, reports, protocols and abstracts.

  • Individual sections of text may also be submitted.

  • Express turnaround and line editing available.

  • Services dedicated to students and non-native English speakers.

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literary services

Manuscript Assessment, Editing & Proofreading

  • Editing of works of fiction and more available.

  • Whole manuscripts, individual sections or partial drafts may be submitted.

  • Editing will be entirely tailored to your very own work; book a consultation or use this form to get in touch.

Your ideas will reach a wide audience when presented in English. Make sure the form is perfect to allow your manuscript to achieve its highest potential! 

materiale ufficio

business services

Correspondence, Documents, Website & Promotional Material Editing

We all know first impressions count, and especially in the business world, so do the second, third, etc.

Why jeopardize the success of a new client connection or an ongoing business relationship? Ensure your business English is up to scratch with our Business Services.

  • Business emails and other business communication media.

  • Website language editing.

  • Any other language editing related to your business (e.g., menus, posters, social media posts and ads, etc.).

job seekers services

Job Application Language Support

  • Language editing of CVs and cover letters.

  • Language support for your job applications.

  • Context-attentive register check.

You're about to introduce yourself to a potential new employer: your application needs to be effective and most importantly error-free!

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text editing services

Short-Text & Long-Text Editing

We can help with any form of English-language communication, from blog posts to tour guides and wedding speeches.

  • Tourism-related material editing, e.g., tourist guides, museum material, etc.

  • Editing of any other form of text not included in the services listed above.

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Free Consultation


Unsure about whether any of the above would suit your needs?

Book a free online consultation to discuss your projects and objectives.

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