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choosing an editing service

What is text editing?

In general, text editing refers to the preparation of a text to be printed or otherwise presented to others. This process comprises various core phases that aim at perfecting the text in terms of flow, grammar, syntax, word choice, etc.

Who needs text editing?

grammar syntax editing example

While a text may not be lacking in all the aspects mentioned above, it is good practice to check them to ensure its effectiveness. 

If you have written a book, a report, a new post for your blog or a scientific literature review, you likely want people to read, understand and appreciate what you wrote. Why let your efforts go to waste due to pesky grammatical errors, convoluted periods or repetitive paragraphs?

Enlisting an English editing service will ensure your text is at its best: consistent, clear and grammatically correct.

Why us?

There are many editing service providers out there, and you, as an author, should be able to make an informed choice when choosing whom to entrust your text to.

Our offer. At Ins & Outs English Services, our aim is to help authors convey their meaning through text in the clearest way possible while preserving their voice.

Our expertise lies in the English language (we know the ins and outs of it!) and literary theory. Therefore, we are well equipped to deliver both English language-only editing (line editing, copy-editing and proofreading) and literary editing (manuscript assessment and developmental editing).

Editing for English/Non-Native Speakers

While it can be especially true for non-native speakers, writing in English can be a daunting prospect for anyone. This should not hinder your will to express your ideas in written form, however, whether in the workplace or in everyday life, and seeking the help of a language expert can really take that weight off your mind.

More reasons to choose us are outlined below, but if you are eager to get down to business, take action:

  • Explore our services to find the one that best meets your text's requirements; we offer add-ons to tailor our services to your needs. 

  • If you do not know where to start, we can help you delineate your project: request a free consultation to discuss your ideas or concerns regarding writing a text in English.


Your text will be edited by an English language expert with multi-year editing experience.

Post-Edit Support

Free 12-month post-edit support with all our services.


Express turnaround available if you are working to a tight deadline.

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